Engagement Photography

4 Factors To Consider When It Comes To Engagement Photography

We do know that engagement is one of the major highlights of any couple’s lives before they get married. What better way to remember this special event than having it documented? This is where engagement photography takes the picture. You will be able to capture beautiful moments one at a time. Thus, hiring a professional does the trick.

Before you start looking for a photographer to do the job you should have an idea first as to what are the factors to consider when it comes to engagement photography, read on.

Here are four factors you need to consider when it comes to engagement photography:

1. When

You need to have a set schedule as to when you want to have the shots taken. There are other photographers out there who give this service as part of the wedding package, while some are not. Do take your pick. You could always check out what other photographers are offering. The best time to have engagement photography done is like the very day the proposal was made. However, if you intend to have a formal announcement and post it on local newspaper it should be done earlier than the announced date.

2. What

This refers to what is your overall theme. Are you going to the formal or casual type of engagement photography? When you have decided what would be the theme, the clothes to wear and accessories will soon follow. Again, it all depends on what would be the theme of the engagement.

3. Where

Next on the list would be where are you going to hold the photoshoot? Remember, it is not mandatory to do the shots at the studio. You could always choose the location as to where are you going to have it done. You can go out to the outdoors, at your favorite places to dine, or anywhere that you deem fit for your engagement photography. Of course, do ask the photographer if there are limitations on the location. This way you will be aware if there are any restrictions at all.

4. How

How to do the pose? Well, since it is your engagement photo shoot and you are with the love of your life, it would not be much of a hassle at your end to do the poses. Each pose will be natural, filled with love, sweetness, and happiness as what the two have felt for each other, right? This will clearly show every time a shot is taken. You can be as fun as you want it to be, romantic even, just play around with the poses, and of course with few inputs from the photographer as well since he knows what angles, and poses the two of you look at your best.

There you have it four things any couple should think things through prior to the engagement photography. This way, you will have an idea of what to do and not get lost in the process.